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Propadrol EP™


  • Pro Testosterone Support Formula
  • Promotes Sexual Vigor
  • Anti-Aromatase Support Formula
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PROPADROL EP™ is the latest in EST’s long lineage of male hormone enhancement products. Fans of sports nutrition undoubtedly remember the original PROPADROL™ and its ability to produce dry, lean muscle while exponentially increasing power and strength gains. As the industry has evolved over the years, so has our approach to manipulating the king of all hormones, testosterone. PROPADROL EP™ incorporates efficacious doses of clinically studied ingredients that are designed to give the user a noticeable increase in free testosterone, while minimizing the conversion to estrogen.

PROPADROL EP™ boasts an all-natural formula that not only gives the user an edge in the gym but also increases performance in the bedroom. Testosterone is the end-all, be-all in regards to becoming the ultimate specimen of masculinity and PROPADROL EP™ can help you maximize it above and beyond your natural threshold.

Stack PROPADROL EP™ with a diet heavy in sweat and iron, then watch all challengers move out of the way on your quest to becoming the ultimate Alpha Male.


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