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Methyl Mass 2.1™


  • Induces Cell Volumization
  • Explosive Pumps & Vascular Response
  • Designer Hydration Protocol
  • Increased Mental Focus & Energy


The pre-workout product category was initially designed to give the athlete a rush of focus, massive jumps in strength and fully pumped muscles. As of late, companies have been passing off under-dosed “concentrates” that are high in stimulants and low on results. The ultimate pre-workout formula should provide the athlete with the perfect workout, time and time again but what we are ending up with is a huge dose of caffeine with some other ingredients sprinkled in for the sake of shelf appeal.

METHYL MASS 2.1 is the answer to the question: Is there a pre-workout that delivers as a truly effective, properly dosed ergogenic aid? Absolutely. METHYL MASS 2.1™ builds off the enormous success of its predecessor by utilizing EST’s E-Bolish™ testosterone boosting technology and the HydroMass™ coconut water hydration system. An old-school trend is coming back to the industry and it starts with METHYL MASS 2.1™.

From massive nitrate-induced pumps to modulating anabolic hormonal response, METHYL MASS 2.1 delivers results in a single, perfectly calibrated serving. One scoop, one shot, one goal.


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